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MotherBoard Monitor

MotherBoard Monitor

vendredi 21 mars 2003 à 12:23 par Sebastien

MotherBoard Monitor est un programme qui vous permet d’afficher de nombreuses informations sur votre carte mère comme la température du processeur et du boîtier, la vitesse des ventilateurs, les différents voltages, etc.

GIF - 7.3 ko
MotherBoard Monitor

Voici les nouveautés de cette nouvelle version :
-  Voltages : Voltages calculation has totaly changed, instead of being inside the dll the calculation is now done via a formula located in /data/voltage.ini. The benefit of this is that if a voltage upgrades is needed this can be done via this simple 20kb file.
-  Voltages : Voltage Custom.ini file is added to the /data dir, this is for the expert users who want to create their own calculations, anything in here will overwrite the voltage.ini file.
-  Added : Plugins support (see /plugin/readme).
-  Added : Intel ICH5 support.
-  Added : W83L785TS-S support.
-  Added : W83L785TR support.
-  Added : W83L785R support.
-  Added : W83627HF/ADM1027 Combo support as used on Tyan s2665UANF.
-  Added : ADM1030/ADM1025 Combo support as used on the Intel D850GB.
-  Added : AMD1030 dual support re-coded.
-  Added : Several Voltages added, thank you to all the users sending them in.
-  Added : $PCNAME will be replace with your PC’s name in email subject line.
-  Added : Installer will by default enabled $2E and $4E scanning if you do a new install, but you can say no if you don’t want to.
-  Fix : Typo in the ITE/SIS -12 voltage.
-  Fix : Crash with GL520SM sensor chip.
-  Fix : LM85 fan error.
-  Fix : GL5xxxSM voltage wrong.
-  Fix : In the misc directory is a batch file named "uninstall problems.bat" which should help out those users who have issues where unwise.exe does not find INSTALL.LOG (I sure hope this finally fixes it).
-  Change : Higher compensation possible.
-  Change : Reset of the high/low list should now work better with 3rd party tools that push values into the sharedmemory (all values are set to current and the counter to 1 for "custom" sensors).
-  Change : You can now show up to 16 voltages, see the help file for more info.

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